Yellow Cheetah - Custom Festival Folding Hand Fan

Kandies World - Yellow Cheetah Custom Hand Fan

At Kandies World, we offer the best festival & rave accessories. These fans are just what you need to make your hot days more enjoyable. All of our fans are super special fun designs. We have several models so that each person can find their own to accessorize their festival outfits. Easy to carry & lightweight and of ultra high quality bamboo, you can bring them to all your events! Definitely super practical for long days out in the sun.  

What You Can Expect From Kandies World Unique Custom Made Fans :

We custom design them and chose high-quality materials for long-term durability. Each one is individually inspected to ensure it meets our standards. 


These fans come in a variety of designs and colors. Find the collection here.

Product Details:
  • Material : Bamboo 
  • Models: As Seen
  • One size 
  • Dimensions : 25 x 13 ½ inches


Why bring a fan to a festival? 

It is the perfect accessory to keep cool and stylish at any festival or concert! Refresh, sing, dance, and clack your festival. Check out our over-sized rave fans

How to clack a fan? 

We offer a large clacking fan selection. You need to take a fan and snap it down wards with the flick of the wrist to make it make a clacking sound. People in raves or festivals love to clack fans.