REZZ Goggles - Arcane Lights Glasses Inspired by DJ REZZ

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Kandies World - Arcane LED Goggles, inspired by Rezz, come pre-programmed with 20 different LED animations, 30 color options, 3 brightness settings and a built-in battery that will last all night.

Arcane Light LED goggles are a fan made product inspired by Rezz. They are sold with permission and under license from Rezz Music Inc. We do not manufacture the set she wears for live performances but have permission to sell to fans. Rezz is a registered trademark and property of Rezz Music Inc.

Kandies World is the only one authorized dealer to sale this kind of goggles. Take advantage of our fast delivery time with our ''Next Day Shipping'' commitment specifically for this product!

What you can expect from Kandies World Marble Rezz LED Goggles : 
Super Comfortable and Lightweight :
    • Design for all those looking for something unique to enjoy everyday but also at your favourite music festival
    • Slim design our lightest and most compact design yet
    • Best-In-Class : Custom Design for Increased Visibility
    • Sizes : One size fits all.
Battery Life :
    • On default brightness: 10-15 hours
    • In contrast : on high brightness, 5-8 hours
    • Battery is rechargeable using a Micro USB port (the standard Android phone cable, you probably have one at home). Battery can take up to 5 hours to fully charge, so just make sure you plug-in the night before.
    • There are no wires necessary! You don't have to worry about a bulky external battery pack sticking out of your pocket. The battery is into the goggles!
Colors :
    • 20 different animations
    • 30 color options
    • 3 brightness settings and a built-in battery that will last all night
Product Details :
    • Immersive Full-Color Animations 
    • 88 Full-Color LEDs 
    • 20 incredible animations
    • 30 unique color selections including: Single, Double, and Triple Colors, Fades, Rainbows, Flashing patterns
    • Integrated No-Wire Battery for All-Night Fun.
What is included :
    • 1 LED Goggle Set
    • 1 USB Charger.

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Who is REZZ?

In fact, Rezz is a female Canadian DJ and record producer from Niagara Falls, Ontario. Very known on the international scene, she makes dubstep music as well as several variations. She is often recognized with her famous goggle glasses which she is the only dj who wear this during her shows. Her led goggles are her trademark in addition to her good music. 

How to make Rezz goggles?

It is not possible to make the original glasses of Rezz especially since she filed a patent on her glasses. In spite of Arcane Lights company are the only ones who have obtained the rights to make an almost identical reproduction of Rezz's glasses that we resell with their agreement on our web site. 

Where to buy goggles?

So, where to buy Rezz goggles? You can buy Rezz arcane lights goggles directly from our website. As mentioned earlier, these are not Rezz's one, but an authorized sales model that comes close.