Clear LED Umbrella

Kandies World - LED umbrella

Illuminate your night and stand out in the crowd with Kandies World's LED umbrella! A unique accessory that merges fashion with fun, these umbrellas will be the perfect addition to your outfit, be it for a festival, rainy days, or just to make a statement.

What You Can Expect From Kandies World LED umbrella:

Available in a myriad of colors and designs. Dive into our collection and find the perfect style that resonates with you here!

Light up modes

Let your umbrella match your mood. Choose from different lighting modes - slow flicker, fast flicker, constant flicker.

Product Details:
  • Styles: as seen
  • One size fits all
  • Batteries AAA not included
  • 3 Light up modes 
  • Comes with a sleeve to protect the umbrella
How does LED accessories work?

All of our LED accessories can be turned off or set to a blink mode for extra fun. Each LED ears have 3 light up modes: slow flicker, fast flicker and constant flicker. These accessories are perfect for concerts, festivals, night events or Halloween. 

Can you change the battery?

Yes, once they die you can indeed change the batteries at home.