DIY Neon Glow Bracelet Bead Kit (400/box) for Beading, Bracelets, Necklace, Jewelry, Art & Crafts. Gift For Kids and Adults

DIY Neon Glow Bracelet Bead Kit (400/box) for Beading, Bracelets, Necklace, Jewelry, Art & Crafts. Gift For Kids and Adults

At Kandies World, creativity never goes out of style, with the best pony beading kits you'll be able to create like never before!  Our goal is to help you express yourself while creating jewelry, accessories and crafting projects. We offer a variety of colourful beads and crafting accessories for artists young and old, these are the best kid beginner bead kits for anyone who wants to get creative.

What you can expect from Kandies World DIY Pony Bracelet Beading Kits:

Our plastic beads are made with materials of the highest quality that ensures its perfect functionality and durability.


Each beading kit has it's own mix of the best unique speciality beads to help your create your best DIY craft projects! A variety of beads kits are also available with different styles and finishes. See more bead kit here: Find more DIY bead kits.

When Quality Meet Fun

These bead box sets provide an infinite number of fun options to create. Also, some glow in the dark and others under UV black lights. Complete the beading kit by getting our elastic beading string and start having fun creating the best diy bracelets!

Product Details :
  • Material: Plastic / Acrylic
  • Assorted Styles, Shapes, Glow & UV Reactive Beads
  • Quantity: (1 Pack of 400 beads/box)
  • Styles: Hearts, Soccer Balls, Rainbow Letters, Pony Beads

WARNING: Small accessories, not suitable for children under 4 years old. Adult surveillance required.


How to make beaded bracelets?

So, how to make bracelets with beads and string. It's easy to make diy beaded bracelets with Kandies World products. With our DIY kit, you are sure to have everything you need. We suggest using an average of 27 units for a medium sized bracelet. On our website you will find several bead bracelet ideas, but don't be afraid to use your own imagination. These can be words, names, events, rave beads, friendship bracelets and more.

To make your beaded bracelets, you will need a pair of scissors, elastic threads and pony beads of your choice.

Step 1 : With the help of our elastic cords and a pair of scissors, cut a piece of elastic string of about 22 cm. This will be your base for your kandi bracelet.

Step 2 : In your kit you will find different types of beads: alphabet, custom, pony, specialty and fuse. Choose the ones that best fit your idea bracelet. We recommend using 27 units for a medium sized wrist.

Step 3 : When the bracelet is assembled, make a knot to close it and join the two ends.

Step 4 : cut with scissors the ends of the knot so that they do not exceed your kandi bracelet.

Your kandi bracelet is done!

FYI: our bead kits are starter kits, feel free to check out our beads section for a wider selection and even kandi bracelets ideas.