Daisy Flowers

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Kandies World - Daisy Flowers Custom Hand Fan: Now UV Reactive!

Elevate your festival experience with our Daisy Flowers Custom Hand Fans, now with an exciting UV Reactive feature! Perfect for adding a vibrant twist to your rave outfits, these fans are not just practical but a fashion statement. Keep cool during those hot festival days and stand out under the UV lights with our unique designs.

Why Choose Our UV Reactive Custom Fans?
Quality Craftsmanship

Our fans are thoughtfully designed and crafted using premium bamboo, ensuring durability for many events to come. Each fan undergoes rigorous inspection for quality assurance.

Striking Colors and Designs

Each fan boasts a unique pattern, now enhanced with UV Reactive properties. These designs glow brilliantly under UV lighting, adding an extraordinary element to your rave attire.

Product Specifications:
  • Material: High-Quality Bamboo
  • Variety of UV Reactive Models
  • One size fits all
  • Dimensions: 25 x 13 ½ inches

Ideal for festivals, these lightweight fans are easy to carry and provide a practical solution for staying cool. Whether you're dancing under the sun or glowing under UV lights, our Daisy Flowers Custom Hand Fans are your perfect companion!

Elevate your festival look with Kandies World's unique, UV Reactive custom fans! Discover the full collection and find the fan that resonates with your style here!


    Why bring a fan to a festival? 

    It is the perfect accessory to keep cool and stylish at any festival or concert! Refresh, sing, dance, and clack your festival. Check out our over-sized rave fans

    How to clack a fan? 

    We offer a large clacking fan selection. You need to take a fan and snap it down wards with the flick of the wrist to make it make a clacking sound. People in raves or festivals love to clack fans.