Kandies World Surgical Kandi Face Mask


Kandies World Surgical Kandi Face Mask is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Kandies World - Hand & Heart KW Surgical Kandi Mask With Adjustable

Kandies World Surgical Kandi Face Mask With Adjustable HeadBand. This mask is handmade by one of our local artists, you can trust that a lot of time, effort and love went into making this piece. All of our kandi masks have custom built adjustable headbands to secure behind your head instead of the ears. Masks are often referred to as rave masks or festival face masks. They stand out mainly because of their design made entirely of beads. Our mask are unisex and can give you an idea of a rave or festival outfit.

What You Can Expect From Kandies World Hand & Heart KW Surgical Kandi Mask:

This kandi mask is handmade in the USA & Canada by a kandi artist from Kandies World. See our Kandi Surgical Masks.

Comfort and Light

The mask is totally lightweight and super comfortable.


We have created adjustable headbands to secure this mask at different levels around the back of your head so that this can fit anyone.

Where to Wear

You can rock this mask at any rave festivals, carnivals, costume parties, Halloween or any place you want to stand out of the crowd!

Product Description:
  • Material: Plastic Pony Beads, Elastic & Adjustable Cord Locks
  • Adjustable Head Straps
  • Colors: As Displayed or if options for same mask change
  • One size fits all
  • Dimension : 13 x 12 cm

Note some of the pony beads on the adjustable locks can differ from the picture as we vary to add some uniqueness to each piece.


How to make a Kandi Mask?

So, how to make a Kandi mask (even for beginners)? That’s the question we get asked the most! Since this is a very long process and it can be difficult to do, we offer our Kandi Masks creation services by our Kandi Kids (with our kandi mask patterns)! If you would like a personal tutorial, please DM or email us.

We have a section designed for this purpose: ”Custom Order”, is the place where you can ask Kandies World to make pre-designed models or create a custom model according to your requests.

We have prices for our creations in surgical, full face and gas style. Some of our Kandi Masks are also glow in the dark and can be made into a led rave mask! Ideal for raves at night.