Holographic Reflective Effect Backpack

Kandies World – Holographic - Reflective Backpack

At Kandies World, creativity never goes out of style with our unique backpack. Those are great for ravers and festivalers. Put your valuables in with peace of mind to enjoy your show. In the first place, our backpacks are also very interesting. They offer plenty of storage space, while they are light and space saving.

What you can expect from Kandies World Holographic Effect Backpack:

The Perfect Backpack

For all outdoor adventurers, whether you enjoy shuffling at your favorite music festival or simply wandering, this backpack will keep your goods safe. This practical backpack is ideal for partying, exploring and more, all in style!


Each backpack has a holographic / iridescent effect pattern that never goes out of style. These can be fitted and styled in many ways. Combining fun and functionality, this travel backpack is the stylish way to carry your essentials.

Easy Organization

We all have our secrets, so does your backpack! With a secret inside zip pocket and an oversize compartment, this backpack for women and men allows users to store essentials safely and securely.


One size fits all and adjustable shoulder straps.


Violet Holographic Effect Exclusive Kandies World Backpack. See our Holographic Effect Collection Here.

Product Details:
    • Polyurethane Material
    • Backpack Size: 11.5 x 5 x 9.5 in
    • 3 Pouches and 2 organizers inside pouches
    • Black Adjustable Straps
    • Adjustable Shoulder Straps
    • Backpack with Back Comfort Cushion


What bag for festival?

When you bring a bag to a festival, it often goes with the style of the festivaler. If you’re going with a flashy style, you might think of a holographic or iridescent bag. For a more colorful look, you can think of a neon bag of specific color, like a neon green bag for example.

Very few bags are brought in the evenings of rave. Since it is often a one night show, ravers bring more fanny packs, smaller and more discreet.