Cinco de Mayo - Sugar Skull Custom Perler Necklace

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Kandies World -Cinco de Mayo - Sugar Skull Custom Perler Necklace

This perler is handmade by one of our local artists, you can trust that a lot of time, effort and love went into making this piece. All of our perlers are made to be one of a kind, we use the same pattern for each piece and do some slight color variations in either the necklace or shades of fuse beads used.

What You Can Expect From Kandies World Custom Perler Necklace:

This perler necklace is handmade in the USA by a Kandi artist from Kandies World. Find more perer necklaces here.

Comfort and Light 

This perler is comfortable and light to wear for long periods of time.

Resistant Necklace

We use an extra resistant elastic for the necklace so that it won’t break on you.

Unique Pieces

We use the same pattern to create each piece, to make each piece unique we change the pattern sequence for the necklace and use slight changes in the shades of fuse beads.

Where to wear 

You can rock this mask at any rave festivals, Carnivals, Costume parties, Halloween or any place you want to stand out of the crowd! Also, perler necklaces are awesome to decorate your room with!


We hold all pieces in stock and ready to ship, it does happen that some items are in production due to popularity and demand. If that is the case you will be advised and production can take up to 1-2 weeks.

Product Description:
    • Material: Plastic fuse beads, plastic pony beads & elastic
    • Pattern: As displayed
    • One size fits all


How to make a perler necklace?

So, how to make a perler bead necklace? That’s the question we get asked most often! Since this is a very long process and it can be difficult to do, we offer our Kandi Kid Perler creation services!

We have a section designed for this purpose: ”Custom Order”, is the place where you can ask Kandies World to make models already preconceived or create a custom model according to your requests, customs necklaces.

We have prices for our creations in several sizes, either small, medium or large. Our rave perlers / rave necklaces are the most beautiful.