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Eye Love Shadez - Diffraction Glasses | The Heartz Frame

What are Diffraction Glasses?
Diffraction glasses also known as Refraction glasses were primarily developed for special events scenes like raves and concerts for people who like to party and enjoy an enhanced visual experience. The grating (or lenses) on diffraction glasses makes a single beam of white light multiply into a full rainbow spectrum of light beams and creates an amazing visual sensation for those who wear them.

What you can expect from Diamond Shape Smoke Lens Sunglasses
  • High quality materials for long lasting wear and comfort
  • Ideal for concerts, shows, music festivals, EDM events, raves, fireworks, laser/light shows
  • Glossy finish
  • Smoke Lens
  • Exclusive micro-fiber case
  • Unisex
    Why Choose Eye Love Shadez?
    It’s all in the Details

    All our glasses are made with quality materials ensuring longevity and comfort. We pay extra for the superior grade quality materials, you always get superior quality products.

    Superior Packaging

    You will receive an exclusive Eye Love Shadez Micro-Fiber case with every purchase for added protection.

    Tons of Colors and Styles

    We cater to everyone! Check out our wide array of styles and colors and find the perfect sunglasses to suit your everyday or party needs. Assembled and Personalized in Montreal