Catch Them All Ball Custom Beads | 10-50 Beads


Catch Them All Ball Custom Beads | 10-50 Beads - 10 Beads is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Kandies World - Catch Them All Ball Custom Beads

At Kandies World, we offer unique specialty beads and crafting accessories for artists. Our Catch Them All Ball Beads are perfect for making arts & craft jewelry or Kandi bracelets. All of our custom beads are locally made and designed in partnership with Bass Head Beads. You can use them as featured beads on your jewelry or string them together for a statement piece. We offer volume purchases for the best deal on beads, and our fast & reliable shipping ensures that you receive your order promptly.

Our custom-made Catch Them All Ball Beads are made with high-quality materials for long-term durability. Each bead is individually inspected to ensure that it meets our standards. Starting options begin at 10 beads, and you can increase your quantity in increments of 10 units. We are constantly creating new beads and adding them to our collection, so check back often to discover new models.

When you shop at Kandies World, you can expect quality, quantity, and fun. We take pride in offering unique and custom-made beads for all of your crafting needs. Explore our collection of Custom Beads to find the perfect addition to your jewelry or crafting project. Discover all the collections here!

Product Details :
    • Easy to Use
    • Material: Plastic
    • Quantity : Options available: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50
    • Colors: As pictured
    • Size hole (mm): 2

WARNING: Small accessories. Not suitable for children under 4 years old. Adult surveillance required. 


How to make custom beaded bracelets?

First, you will need your custom beads pack. So go check it out! You have found it? Nice, now go find some matching color pony beads here. Then go get yourself a matching color pack of elastic threads. Still here? Great, now follow these steps to make your custom beaded bracelets;

Step 1: With the help of our elastic cords and scissors, cut a piece of elastic string of about 22 cm. This will be your base for your Kandi bracelet.

Step 2: Take out your different types of beads: alphabet, custom, pony, unique, and fuse. Choose the ones that best fit your idea bracelet and assemble it. We recommend using 27 units for a medium-sized wrist.

Step 3: When the bracelet is assembled, make a knot to close it and join the two ends.

Step 4: cut with scissors the ends of the knot so that they do not exceed your Kandi bracelet.

Can I get more than what you offer?

Of course, if you want more than what we offer, you can! Simply, contact us with your asked quantities.