Bucket Hats Hydro-Dipped Exclusive Splashed or Lined Patterns Black and White Edition

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Kandies World – Bucket Hats Hydro-Dipped Exclusive Splashed or Lined Patterns

At Kandies World, creativity never goes out of style with our unique hydro-dipped hats. It comes in a variety of colour patterns from which you can choose your favourites. Each hat is one of a kind and made by one of our artists locally.

What you can expect from Kandies World Hydro-Dipped Bucket Hats :
The Perfect Bucket Hat

For all those looking for something unique to enjoy everyday or at your favourite music festival. This practical bucket hat is ideal for: Partying, exploring and more all in style!


Each hat has a hydro-dipped pattern that never goes out style and is one-of-a-kind.


Please note that every marble item is unique as they’re individually designed and hydro-dipped by an artist, patterns will be different from the pictures but will respect the design and colour sequence that you select.  See our Hydro-Dipped Collection.


This Bucket Hats Hydro-Dipped Exclusive Splashed or Lined Patterns is available in Black and White colors.

Product Details:
    • Cotton Material
    • Dimensions: 10.5 x 10.5 x 5.4 inch
    • Size: One Size Fits All

***Hand wash only with cold water, reshape and hang to dry.***


How to make a bucket hat (how we do this)?

At Kandies World we dip anything that is made of fabric. It can be bandanas, masks, hats, fanny packs, bags and even shoes! The principle is to dip an object (in our case clothing) in an aqueous solution mixed with marble paint which only we have the recipe! Once the object is soaked in a tank, we take it out and dry it. Once dry, we get a stylish object or piece of clothing with a totally unique design.