Aviator Glowstick UV Glasses

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Kandies World – Aviator Glow Stick UV Glasses

These Aviator Glow Stick UV Glasses will hype all kind of festivities they are perfect accessory for any rave, concert, festival, party or Halloween. This is no doubt one of the best glow sticks to grab everyone’s attention.When we talk about rave, we often refer to lights, ''led rave''. At Kandies World, we have made it easy for you to find those famous led lights rave toys.

Furthermore, we have several styles of led & glow accessories. Looking for something to stand out during your next festival or party? You just found it! The light-up glasses make up the best party favour, rewards, and decorations. These magic glasses are also kid-friendly and make the occasion extra special.

What you can expect from Kandies World Aviator Glow Stick UV Glasses :


Perfectly engineered under strict quality control, these aviator glow sticks are made from high quality materials to ensure up to 10-14 hours of glowing light so you could enjoy your party all night without worrying they would fade away. 100% safe - non toxic, non- radioactive design with waterproof for kids & adults.

Comfort & light

These glow sticks are totally lightweight and super comfortable to wear. One size fit all. 

Where to wear

You can rock these Aviator Glow Sticks UV Glasses at any rave festivals, Carnivals, Costume parties, Halloween or any place you want to stand out of the crowd!

Product Details :
  • Color Options: Yellow, Pink or Mixed Pack
  • One size fits all


Are glow stick toxic?

NO. The glow stick is not toxic, but if the liquid comes in contact with the skin there are no consequences. If ingested, it can cause stomach aches, but normally nothing more.

« The ingredients in glow sticks are generally non-toxic, and most cases will not require medical attention. However, if glow stick fluid is swallowed, it may cause an upset stomach and some mouth irritation. The plastic container can also be a choking hazard, just like any small object. »

-Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (USA)

It is still recommended to be careful with glow sticks, you should not break them, eat them or drink the liquid. If any of these three things happen and you don't feel well, contact the Poison Control Center nearest you.