EL-Wire Purge (Hype) Party Mask - Black Finish Light-Up Mask - 5 Light Up Color Options

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Kandies World - EL-Wire Purge (Hype) Party Mask - Black Finish and Orange Light-Up Mask

These EL-Wire Purge (Hype) Party Masks are the perfect accessory for any rave, concert, festival, party or Halloween mask. This is no doubt one of the best masks to grab everyone's attention and spook them out a little. Looking for something to stand out during your next festival or party? You just found it!

LED purge masks have been growing in popularity since the release of the hit movie American Nightmare (The Purge). Our other masks, the LED sound reactive masks are very popular with our ravers or festivalers, as they light up to the rhythm and volume of the ambient music. They are often called led rave mask.

What you can expect from Kandies World El-Wire Hype Party Mask :
Light up modes

The mask has multiple functions, when on it can be steady on, slow flashing, fast flashing.

Comfort & light 

The mask is totally lightweight and super comfortable. It has an adjustable velcro so you can wear perfectly. One size fit all. The mask has a breathable space, making it the best party mask. See all our Collection here.


Works with 2x AA batteries, you have an on-off switch and that allows you to press and scroll through the different flashing modes.

Where to wear

You can rock this mask at any rave festivals, Carnivals, Costume parties, Halloween or any place you want to stand out of the crowd!

Product Details :
    • Material: Plastic + EL Wire
    • Function: Steady On / Slow Flashing / Fast Flashing / Off
    • Battery pack requires 2x AA batteries (not included)
    • Color: Black Finish and Orange EL-Wire
    • One size fits all


A purge mask (what is the purge mask called)?

Actually, the Purge Mask is an icon of the movie ”The Purge” released in 2013. At first, they were just a few masks to hide the faces of people in the movie. But they quickly became elements of associations.

Then, the creators of the film saw that these masks became very popular in the markets, mainly at Halloween time. In the other Purge movies that followed, they put a lot more emphasis on the masks and they were seen more, but now there is a wide variety of these LED Mask.

One thing led to another and they quickly became the “Purge Mask” in the eyes of the public.